Saturday, November 29, 2008

of light, life and everything else

first of all... for those of you that were sending out a rescue squad, do not fear! ... i have been busier than ever! i just had my very first art exhibition last night, all went very well! ...hence my disapearance from the blogging world. as this is a very exciting event in my life, i thought id share... above are only six of my thirty paintings i have on exhibition - as this is not my art blog, that, im afraid, is all you get here 'where cows can fly'...
however, last night got me thinking, as many people attending our exhibitioin were very interested to know where i got my inspiration from and as i am still learning, every single day, i had to try and communicate as best i could what made me tick as an artist! everything and anything might get that fire burning at any given moment in time, but one of my many small delights are light and colour. below i have posted two black and white photos, glimpses of light taken at my nephews christening... i know, i said colour; then why the black and white? well, they scream colour, never mind the shades of blacks and whites, but the impression of purples and blues... this is the joy of black and white film photography; the colour, oh the colour!

but there is just something awesome about light. in these cases two different aspects thereof... the stained glass window reflecting light, right on great grannie... what an awesome moment! it tells a million stories... the other; the basic instinct of mother protecting her child from the sunlight in his eyes... oh, don't get me started!

so, what inspires me... where to begin? light... life and everything else!
...i hope to be around a bit more...


altadenahiker said...

well look at you! I like it all, but for some reason, most of all the boots. Good work girl!

Laurie said...

Sarah-Jane, I've missed you!

What gorgeous paintings, and I agree with Altadenahiker -- I like the boots a lot, too.

The photos are inspirational, too. Looks like you're in a wonderful, creative space. Yay!

Congrats on your show. May you have many, many more.