Saturday, December 27, 2008

right at the robot, then right again...

well that was lovely!

the move went very well, we packed through the night and was still awake by the time the truck came at 10am and very efficiently moved our life into one garage!

so, we sold quite a bit on gumtree and the new tenants very conveniently needed some kitchen whites and deck furniture...

our fish we sadly donated to the pet shop and the rest as they say is history!

life has once again taken the lead on pointing us in the next direction. don't you just love it when that happens? such a big help when it comes to making decisions! we should be heading for the UK by mid january and although we don't know exactly whereabouts just yet, we have our hearts set on the south coast, cornwall/devon or surrounds. not quite ready to leave the ocean behind...

so how, you may ask, did we manage a Christmas picnic in the sun if our life is in storage?

let me just say that as much as this is a time of uncertainty for us, it sure has worked out as though someone knows whats going on - i wish they would let me in on the secret! everything has worked out as though planned for months! my cousin is away for Christmas and new year and offered their home to us - hence the pretty Christmas tree and we had a picnic/braai at the pool - only thing missing: family!

but we cant have our bread buttered on both sides now can we!?

oh, and these pics are just snap shots with my nokia e51, not meant to impress! happy Christmas!

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im hoping its still friday somewhere in the world... bit late for photostory friday!