Saturday, December 6, 2008

which way to home?

so we find ourselves at a crossroad! while writing my last post i would never have imagined the events that would follow... due to circumstances beyond our control and life's little way of shaking things up a little, my husband and i have decided to leave the beautiful city we have called home for the past three years, thus far, we have two options of where to head and they couldn't be more worlds apart...
so on monday, we had a home, tuesday, our decision started to sink in, on wednesday i contacted our landlord and on thursday, our home was gone... (don't worry, we have a lease until the end of the month!) ...but change is good, right!?

as i see a road trip of some sorts in our very near future, with the possibility of actually leaving this beautiful country (but never for ever...), i thought it good to reminisce and go through some odd shots from past trips and adventures... some are shot with my husbands camera phone and others with my sisters digital, so these are not intended to be world class shots, but rather in aid of sorting through the 1001 fly-by thoughts my brain is so admirably shuffling through!

us humans are amazing creatures. how different we all are. all with the same basic instinct of survival. we may all deal with circumstance in our own unique ways, but somewhere, somehow, the answer always presents itself, it's up to us to recognize it.

through troubled waters and uphill hikes, eventually we find ourselves at the top of the mountain and the view makes it all worth while. in times like these, we grow, we realise just how strong we are and usually exactly, when we leave our little footprints on this world. really, isn't that what life is all about!?

... i swam this crossing once before, but how inviting that escape route sounds right now and where is park HQ when you really need them!?