Sunday, October 5, 2008

little old orphan annie

when i was about ten, we went to see 'annie' at the civic theatre in my hometown. i remember crying my heart out, but trying to hide it from my brothers and sisters, 'cause could you imagine if they had caught me?! but mostly, i remember being on top of the world!

honestly, im not sure if it was the story about the little orphan annie alone that moved me so or if it was the pure joy of seeing a live musical and at that tender age, not being aware of the power and magic such a live performance could conjure up, found myself in emotional overdrive...

but really, what is it about musicals, good ol' theatre or even street performers? who gave them the power? some do it for money, others do it for hardly any money at all. but perhaps its because whatever the reason; one cant help but leave a piece of ones self on the stage, on the street to be scrutinized and judged. i'm not sure, is there a certain kinda beauty in being this vulnerable?

what can i say. you either love 'em or you hate 'em. but i cant help myself. whenever i see a busker, performing their hearts out for their bread and probably no butter, i'd always pour out my wallet and in return, they fill up my soul(don't even go there!).

unless they're really bad off course. but then they sure do make for good photography ...and i'll always have 'annie'.


that girl said...

so true. I remember seeing Peter Pan at McCormich Place near Chicago. Sandy Duncan was Peter Pan and she even was wired and "flew" out over the audience.

it. was. great.

Laurie said...

I still remember belting out "Tomorrow" and "It's a Hard Knock Life" when I was a young girl!

I agree with you about street performers. Maybe it's because I have so many musicians in my family, but I always open the wallet when I see someone playing. I think you nailed it when you wrote that there is something really beautiful about being that vulnerable. What a nice thought.


that girl said...

we miss you...all is well?

Perry said...

Where did you go? Well, I know how it is at times. I had to take a break and reinvent my blog.

sarah-jane said...

wow, im honored to be missed... life ran away with me, but its slowing down a bit again, so perhaps i should take my camera and go for a walk... but for now i thought id share a bit of what ive been up to in my latest post!

...some exciting times! thanx for all your comments and encouragement! isn't it amazing, blogging, how we discover things about ourselves and the recognition from all you fabulous folk makes one feel you have something to say, even if something isn't always, all that much! sj