Thursday, September 18, 2008

what's the story, morning glory?

umbrella, parasol, brolly or bumbershoot. call it what you like.

this is the south of france and well, these are just a few...

i just love the surprise element of film photography. ok, so i love surprises in general, but lets not get off the point! i find myself being more aware of what i photograph, careful perhaps. or is it too careful... i try harder! I'm not saying I'm against digital photography, not at all! one day when I'm big, i would like to go digital too! but I'll never stop using film! day when I'm big, id like a darkroom too....

sorry, being sidetracked again. oh, I've had my share of disasters! you know what i mean... you tell the whole world you took the most amazing shots and you're sure there will be some serious winners... and then you have heads cut off or the focus is on the stranger behind your long lost, childhood friend. with limited knowledge of photoshop and with a headless hubbie, one can only do so much!

...but such is life!

its the discovery that comes along with the surprise I'm talking about... learning something new about yourself, or others; I'm a bad photographer, there is no hope... or, what was i wearing...what was she wearing? or you discover ghosts from your past - sometimes even literally (but that is a whole different ball game)!

so we get back from our trip and all we have left is our photographs. no souvenir can beat the anticipation over coffee after handing in the film at the one hour photo lab (cause I'm not grown up and i don't have a darkroom yet)!

...and you guessed it.

...they're everywhere! brollies here, brollies there, brollies freaking everywhere! and i realise: i like 'em! i like brollies!

its a revelation!

but lets be honest. its not really about the umbrellas is it?

its the art of making pictures. of storing a memory and sometimes, when you're lucky, a discovery.

you know what i mean!

...i think maybe I'll get a big yellow one? what do you think?

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