Sunday, December 6, 2009

introducing huck

lets not go there, shall we? i know its been almost a year and i have no excuses and lots to catch up on, but seriously, life is full of surprises, so lets just take it one post at a time and perhaps we can pretend i never dissapeared at all!

i want to refer you to my very first post i wrote; 'this is my pirate'. it all started on a very interesting day when my cousin had her first baby and i was talking about ships sailing and wanting to be my own captain for just a little longer... well, alas! my ship now sails for two! yes, i am pregnant - actually i am almost half way to full term and i'll be honest; i am so excited and my hubby is loving us so!

im happy to say that we are still in cape town (after quite some ado and for those of you that might be wondering, life in charge led us straight back to where we came from, and yes, its been great...) with summer in full swing and 20 weeks pregnant, i am back! i'd like you to meet the little boy inside my belly; tummy-time name: huck.

one more thing; i have decided to drop my alias sarah-jane and go with my real name. im karin, nice to meet you! xk